Adjusting your time zone
If you live outside the U.S territory, we recommend adjusting the time zone for your area in your profile. To do this, login to your account: http://tiddlediddle.com/shoppe/user. Click the Edit link or tab, scroll down and edit your Time zone.
Viewing Your Order/Tracking Number
Log in to your account, then click the link/tab Orders. Under the table column Order #, click the corresponding order number to view the detail of the product you ordered.
Changing/Adding an Address
Log in to your account, then click the link/tab Addresses. You may click Edit this address to edit/change your default address, or click Add new address to add another address.

Who can view my profile?
Only you and the administrative officer of Tiddle Diddle Handmade Shoppe can view your profile. For administrative purposes and to improve our, it is important for the latter to be able check a member profile, with the assurance of keeping the integrity of an individual’s privacy.