Set of Owl Pillow (Pillow and an Owl Pillowcase): Lalo

one-of-a-kind handmade owl pillow
one-of-a-kind handmade owl pillowone-of-a-kind handmade owl pillow
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 Materials used:
The owl pillow is filled with fiberfill so it is very soft, and fabrics used for the owl pillowcase are soft and of high quality as well (by the way, we are not using felt, which is a very cheap and not pleasing to the touch material).
Front of the pillowcase is made with various fabrics with button eyes and nose where the flap can be buttoned up. Minky fabric is used in the back, and also used to layer the owl’s flap. The back has a zipper, so the look of the owl can be changed as pleased.
The fiber-filled owl pillow is made with different fabric design and type, depending on the availability of materials.
Width from ear to ear: 15 to 16 inches
Height from ear to the middle bottom: 14 inches
Note: You have an option to buy the owl pillowcase only.


Soft and cuddly, beautiful and one-of-a-kind, lovingly handmade owl pillow sweetly named LALO. Say “Hello” to her as you cuddle her in your loving arms while you travel to the dreamland; for a little nap; or a sweet rest. Carry her wherever you go, she would love it!

This owl pillow also makes a great addition to brighten up your nursery and make it look more fun and playful. 
Images on the Back Side of the Owl Pillow:  Head flap as you may see on top of the back part of owl pillow in red color with floral prints vary from each owl design.

Zippered back of the owl.

You may change the look of the owl pillow as you please!

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