Our Story

Tiddle Diddle?

Blame this name on our daughter’s first words: tiddle diddle.  She would run around and say these words over and over.  I thought they sounded cute, it kept ringing in my ears, until one day, for the first time, I hand made her a pair of shoes.  My husband thought they look so cute we could sell them, and the only name I could think of was… Tiddle Diddle.

When was Tiddle Diddle created/Who is the original Tiddle Diddle?

Tiddle Diddle was born on year 2008.  By that time, we were the only Tiddle Diddle named product.  If there are any Tiddle Diddle product or brand names out there, they are not one of us.

All of the products available online are exclusively made and sold through this website http://tiddlediddle.com, or during trade fairs when we get a chance to join one.

Who designs Tiddle Diddle’s handmade products?


Me.  Currently just me, who is a mother of one, sewing right from our home.  My designs come out from my mind, and I call them original designs.

Since I do not mass-produce the products and most of the time I use durable repurposed materials (washed well before crafted), every item readily available for sale is made unique.

Limited Creations


I accept customized request for an item, which design is showcased on this website.  The customer may want exact material and design used for the showcased product I used for customization.  There are times I can follow their desire, there are times I cannot (due to available of materials) but they agree with it.  The more varied the material we use for customizing the product against our showcased ones, the more unique it will be.  But if I am able to recreate the product based on the showcased one, then it is only during this chance that a product is reproduced, and therefore I call this Limited Creations.

My Latest Masterpiece:

Bride's Maid Dress
These black bride's maid dresses where made-over.  The original dress was without ruffles and flowers.  Just plain black.  After the make-over, the dress looked amazing, as if they were of expensive kind, and exclusively desgined for the bride's maids!