Customization Facts

How long does it take to deliver my item?

Number of days to make.  Please allow up to 14 days to finish making the item you ordered.  Usually this does not take that long, depending on the complexity if the item’s design, available material, and volume of work.

Number of days to ship.   Additionally, waiting time extends up to 7 days (or more) to deliver the product using USPS’ standard mail.

Therefore, total waiting time for customized product is maximum 4 weeks.  If, after this day your product is still not received, please contact us.

Customization Price

Readily available products can be cheaper if materials used are recycled.  If you would like to request a customized version of readily available products, the price may be higher due to new materials used.


Materials Used & One-of-a-Kind-ness

Product that is Readily Available is usually 1 (one) in stock, and is one-of-a-kind, especially if the materials used are recycled or made with fabric stash, or a combination of both.  Shipment of this product takes shorter number of days (up to 14 days).

Product that is marked For Customization is not in stock, and will only be reproduced as requested.  The materials used for this product will differ from that of the original, depending on the availability of the actual material.  However, its color and texture will be the closest match to the original.



This is for economic purposes – when you are trying to fill your fund or piggy bank for that product.  

If you would like to pre-order a product, click add to cart button then choose Pre-order upon checkout.

You will be billed an initial fee (using paypal invoice) of 30% from the total price of the product + a standard, non-refundable service fee of $2.50.

Then set a schedule showing the date that want your product shipped.

Before your product is shipped, you will be billed with the final price including its shipping fee.

Pre-order cancellation.  There is no certain date when we will start working on your pre-ordered product, but as soon as we gathered all the materials needed to create the product, your pre-order fee becomes non-refundable, but can be exchanged with other form of products.  Please contact us first before canceling your pre-ordered product to see if you are eligible for a full refund.


Return Policy

Products that are readily available in our website are mostly one-of-a-kind. Products chosen for customization can only be available upon purchase. Because of this nature, we do not accept any returns, exchanges, or cancellations after you have submitted your order.

Return considerations:
… product is damaged from our part.
We are not responsible for products damaged by your dog, or any other factors once it has arrived your destination.
… size error from our part. 
Please be careful and cautious in purchasing the product you want. We suggest you do not rely on rack measurements, but use a tape measure to get that actual measurement of your body/foot/head, etc. We will only accept returns if sizing error comes from our part.
… fabric design, texture, positioning to the product design, etc.. 
Our fabric design, color/tone and texture may vary than you anticipated. This is because computer screens from where you are viewing the product render different contrast/brightness adjustments, and texture cannot be judged by the eyes; additionally, the fabric we used for our product displayed online may not be available, therefore we gather the closest match as much as we can.  There is no guarantee that the materials used will be 100% the same as displayed in the picture.  If you love authenticity, then our customization service is for you.
Also, there are signature fabrics we offer that are designed to position in a product design (example: in a girl’s pants, a clump of floral designs must belong on the bottom end of the pants, and solid color on the upper side). Positioning of the fabric’s design to the product may vary.
As long as the design offered online matches the closest to the product, returns can only be accepted if a totally different fabric color and fabric design positioning to the product has occurred. Example: we used red fabric instead of yellow as you requested.
… wrinkled issue
Our products are packaged for shipment to you, therefore wrinkles may appear. It is recommended you steam the product prior to wearing. Return is not accepted for this issue.
Returned product from any of the reasons above is entitled for a full refund, but you are responsible for any shipping cost incurred in returning the product. This also applies if you want an exchange of the product you returned. Returned product(s) must be unworn, unwashed, unstained, and damaged of any form, otherwise we will not accept such return.
Please note: Products must be returned within 5 days after receipt.